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The Cephalopod Citizen Science Project is seeking someone to help write their cephalopod ID guides. It would suit someone with a science background (or involved in a science based degree currently) who has a passion for these amazing creatures. If you are interested, please email for more details of the position.

Wetpixel and the Cephalopod Citizen Science Project will be partnering on a number of projects soon. Please keep checking back for information about this!

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Volunteer position:

The Cephalopod Citizen Science Project is a worldwide scientific research project, using reports of cephalopods from members of the public (especially the scuba community) and researchers alike to help understand their behavior in the wild.

The Cephalopod Citizen Science Project is looking for a writer of ID guides specifically for cephalopods in regions where guides do not exist (which is nearly everywhere!) We have published guides for cephalopods inhabiting The Mediterranean Sea (PDF), The North Sea (PDF) and the North East Atlantic (PDF).

The guides are part of the projects goal to give back to the community who provide scientifically valuable observations. The guides are therefore free, and we do not charge for anything we do (including public speaking, via Zoom/Teams etc), sadly this means our position is unpaid. What will you get? Authorship of what will be a scientifically ‘correct’ and technical ID guide is a useful addition to any CV, especially that of a very early career academic, scientist, or technician. The position is therefore aimed primarily at someone at the later undergraduate stage, but ideally postgraduate level of scientific writing. Alternatively, it could be someone that has completed some level of academic training, but now has the time and passion to commit to gathering information about these marvelous creatures.

Most of the information for the guides is available from NGO literature (e.g. ICES, FAO, and primary scientific sources) as are relevant images, and so the work will require summarizing various sources of information and presenting in language useful to all levels of education

We are especially interested in non-English speaking applicants, we are very serious about inclusivity and would like all guides to be available in local languages. More than one position maybe available.

Please email any questions or for more details of the position.

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