New Online Dive Show Set to Launch This Weekend

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Scuba.Digital 2020, a new online dive show, is set to launch this weekend from Friday 23 to Sunday 26 October 2020. 

In lieu of the coronavirus pandemic – which has seen all major international dive shows cancelled or postponed since March this year – the entrepreneurs behind online liveaboard booking system ScubaClick brought their digital expertise to the table to launch the new virtual show.

Speakers and exhibitors from around the globe have signed up to showcase their services, which will be available around-the-clock for 72 hours once the show opens at 12pm (BST) on 23 October. A series of live presentations, discussions, demonstrations, lectures and classes will be available. ‘Breakout’ sessions will be held after presentations to allow for further discussion of the topic, and ‘networking’ areas will be available giving attendees the chance to meet presenters and exhibitors on a virtual footing.

The organisers are keen to stress the international aspect of the dive show, and multilingual chat rooms will be available in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Russian and Polish.

More than 170 exhibitors are signed up to the show, with early-bird tickets still available for $10, discounted from the official $20 price tag.

For more information, an overview of the exhibitors and to book tickets, visit the official Scuba.Digital website.


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