A Feast for the Eyes in DIVE’s 2020 Autumn Print Issue 

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If, like most of us, you can’t get underwater yourself, don’t worry we’ll bring the diving to you. In our latest print edition, we have a feast of ocean delights. From predators in action to the icy stillness in frozen Greenland. From the frontline of industrial fishing in the Galápagos to the best drones for travelling photographers. Enjoy!


autumn print issue greenland

We all love to dive under the water, and a few hardy souls love to dive underwater when it’s frozen, but for those that do, the breathtaking seascape more than compensates for the drop in temperature. Tobias Friedrich follows champion freediver, Anna von Boetticher, under Greenland’s ice for a photoshoot that takes place on the same planet as the rest of us, but in a completely different world.


autumn print issue feast

All day, every day, aquatic animals engage in a life-or-death struggle for survival, trying to find food to feed themselves without becoming food for others. There are very few species that don’t participate in the never-ending battle not to be eaten – and there are no prizes for second place. Douglas David Seifert breaks down the complex relationship between predators and their prey, with his stunning photography capturing the incredible action.


autumn print issue galapagos

If there is one predator that outstrips all the rest, then it is humans. We take away the prey from predators and we prey on the predators themselves; stripping the ocean of its natural resources. Steve Jones reports from the Galápagos, examining how human activity is rampaging through the Cradle of Evolution. Can even the fittest survive?

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What do underwater photographers really need? Flying cameras, of course! These days, all the best scuba diving movies and photo albums provide elevated context to the dive experience, but you no longer need a private helicopter and professional camera to film it. Mark ‘Crowley’ Russell takes a look at some of the best drones available for the travelling diver.


autumn print issue narcosis

Most people learn about narcosis with stories about divers offering their regulators to fish, or seeing pink elephants sauntering along the reef. Sadly few of us ever see the pink elephants, but pretty much everybody will get narc’d at some point in their diving career. So what causes it? Colin Munro takes a look at the science behind nitrogen narcosis.


autumn print issue bigshot

For our third Big Shot photo competition in partnership with Aggressor Adventures, we asked entrants to submit their best underwater shots from the Philippines for the chance to win a Philippines Aggressor liveaboard trip and the chance to be published in DIVE. Check out the winning entries from the hundreds that were submitted, exclusively in our Autumn 2020 print issue.


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