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The 2020 San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition will be launched virtually on 2 October. From then, through to 10 October, everyone around the world will be able to view and enjoy the festival’s amazing shortlisted films, free of charge. The organizers recommend streaming the films onto a TV or other large screen in order to get their full impact.

To view the films, just go the the SDUFEX website from 02 October and watch at your leisure until 10 October.

Press release

SDUFEX goes Virtual

When it became evident that COVID19 would prevent our traditional festival from being held at Qualcomm Hall in San Diego, we had two choices: Punt it to 2021, or present it online. The decision was obvious. The call for entries went out on FilmFreeway, and over 150 films were entered. Our panel of independent judges scored each on a ten point scale. The top fifteen were selected for our virtual festival.

The good news is that it’s accessible online throughout the world. From October 2nd through October 10th, you’ll be able to watch all the selected films at your convenience, in your home, on the SDUFEX website. And it’s all free of charge. There will be no commercials, no strings attached. You could binge watch all fifteen at once, or spread them out over the ten days, and even re-watch the ones you like best.

Here’s how to watch the festival. Go to our website. Starting October 2, there will be a link to the films. It will be live through October 10. You can watch it on your phone, tablet, or computer. We recommend streaming it to your home TV via Bluetooth or mirroring. It’s our attempt to give back to the people who have supported SDUFEX over the past 20 years.

If you want to stay informed about SDUFEX, click on the “Subscribe” button. You will receive emails about entries, the 2020 online and future film festivals.

Our thanks to the judges, Pat Brown, Kevin Lee,Barbara Lloyd,Bob Pooley, and Diane Randolph.

SDUFEX board of directors: Cheryl Dean, President, Nick Dean, Secretary, Bill Ring, Treasurer, Directors: Jennifer Black, Rocio Gajon Bunker, Pete Fowler, Weiwei Gao, Eric Hanauer, Matt Meier, Mike Miller, Elke Specker, Karen Straus,

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