1. Project AWARE is our primary partner in marine conservation.

Over the past 28 years, the Project AWARE community has driven over 218,000 conservation actions in over 182 countries creating real and measurable impact for the ocean.

Major achievements include international protection for 20 species of endangered sharks and rays and the development of the largest database of marine debris in the world. All of their success has been achieved with active support from the PADI Community.

Be part of the solution by opting for a Project AWARE Cert Card, or signing up for the Dive Against Debris® Specialty and AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty Course.

2. Green Fins is an environmental management system brought to us by The Reef World Foundation.

For over 2 years, we’ve worked with them to improve the sustainability of the diving and snorkelling industry one center at a time. Support the efforts of those assuming responsibility for their environmental impact by diving with Green Fins dive centers wherever possible. (Hint: look out for the Green Fins logo on all relevant operators on PADI Travel!)

3. The Ocean Foundation is the only community foundation for the ocean.

Together, we’re dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world.

We formed at partnership to do something about the destruction of seagrass and mangrove habitats via their SeaGrass Grow Program. These vital habitats may not get as much attention as coral reefs, but are literally the foundations of life in the ocean and powerful forces in the fight against climate change. Work out your carbon footprint here.

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