Popular and Enduring SemiDry Gets a Makeover for 2020

northern diver storm 644 semidryn

Northern Diver’s Storm semi-dry wetsuit has been given a fresh makeover for 2020, the latest model in a successful line of suits that has been around for decades.

Suitable for use by all levels of diver and designed for cool water diving, The Storm has been continually developed over its lifetime and is now constructed from a softer and more flexible neoprene making it easier to don and doff, with wrist and ankle seals constructed from Northern Diver’s bespoke ‘Smooth Skin’, for added comfort and to prevent water flush.

The suit features a front entry vertical-cut YKK plastic zip, abrasion-resistant overprinting on the shoulders helps prevent BCDs from slipping off the shoulders, and protective grips on the cuffs helps to keep wrist gauges and computers in place. Strong pads in the elbow, knee and seat areas are built into the Storm for further abrasion resistance in the highest wear areas.

The Storm is 6mm thick in the vital areas of the body, with a 4mm thickness in areas requiring extra flexibility and movement. Ribbed neoprene features at the back of the elbows and knees for comfort and flexibility when in motion.

northern diver 64 semidry

Storm 6/4mm Semidry Features:

  • 6mm superstretch neoprene construction, with 4mm neoprene present in areas of increased movement – underarms, back of elbows, crotch, back of knees
  • Seams triple glued and blind stitched
  • Top-quality front entry YKK zip
  • Superstretch smooth skin neoprene neck, wrist and ankle seals
  • Strong pad elbow, knee and seat protection
  • Ribbed neoprene on backs of elbows and knees for extra comfort and flexibility
  • Reflective Northern Diver logos
  • Separate neoprene hood supplied
  • Available in both men’s and women’s patterns

RRP Storm 6/4mm Semidry: £120



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