Penultimate Update in This Year’s Top 10 Vote

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Two weeks left to go in the 2020 DIVE Travel Awards until 108 different destinations, 329 liveaboards and almost 1100 different dive centres and resorts and whittled down to just 10 of the best.

Time is surely ticking down in this year’s travel awards, celebrating the worldwide dive industry during this difficult time. But, just like any poll, your votes really matter in determining who makes it into this year’s Top Ten. 

As with previous travel awards, the competition really hots up in the last few weeks, and this year has been no exception – we’ve seen the vote tally almost double since our last update at the end of September. There has been quite a bit of movement, especially in the dive centres/resorts category, as operators get down to business on social media – and although it looks pretty static at the top of the liveaboards leaderboard, no places are guaranteed.

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Sadly, some people think that casting fraudulent votes to bump their favourite operators up the table is still acceptable. In previous years, it was merely disappointing. This year, with all that the dive industry is facing, it’s despicable. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. One person can vote for three of their favourites in each category, and we trust our fellow divers to respect those rules. Thanks.

Here’s the current leaderboard as of Friday, 16 October (click here for the end of September update). You can find a complete list of all the nominees at this link, but with just two weeks to go, the focus is on who will make the Top Ten.

There will be one more update before the vote closes at midnight (GMT) on 31 October.

October 16 Update

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The DIVE Travel Awards 2020 Vote

How to enter:

  1. Go to the box below and enter a valid e-mail address.
  2. If you are using a shared computer and someone has already voted, you may need to click the ‘logout’ button underneath the picture in the voting module  –  gleam logout button.
  3. Select your favourites from each category and press ‘continue’ to cast your vote. Select the next category and again pick your favourites.
  4. If you are using a shared computer or iPad remember to ‘logout’ at the end so the next person can vote.
A Note On Voter Fraud

Sadly, each year, a small number of dive operators receive large numbers of fraudulent votes. Most are caught by the Gleam competition software we are using to run the voting process, and we double-check the entries ourselves on a weekly basis. All such votes are stripped out of the overall total. In this time of crisis for the dive industry, any attempt to game the system will be robustly dealt with. Play fair – be role models for the whole scuba diving world. Thank you.

DIVE Travel Awards 2020

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DIVE Travel Awards FAQ

My favourite was nominated but I can’t vote for them.

Each year, only the Top 25 in each category of nominations go through to the final vote. The Top 10 will receive recognition as the best dive centres in the world. We’d love to include everyone who made it onto the list, but that would be impossible. We’ve published a complete list of all the nominations at this link.

How can that operator have so many votes?

Some people take the awards more seriously than others. The vote is free and fair and open to all, and some operators will spread the word to as many people as they can. Plus, you’d be amazed at the loyalty some dive centres can command from their customers. 

Why have you combined some dive centres?

We wanted to give as many dive centres and resorts as possible the chance to succeed, rather than have a handful of big names dominate the competition. We appreciate that each dive centre is run by its own unique complement of staff, but this way more names will appear on the list. The duplicates have been named in the order they placed as nominees, and will receive the same recognition as winners if they are successful.

Why are you asking for my e-mail address?

Firstly and foremostly, to prevent fraud. Secondly, because it signs up you (if you consent, of course) to our completely free and very fantastic weekly newsletter!

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