Covid19 Recommendations

This is a period of great uncertainty for everyone, and the diving industry makes no exception. Over the past few weeks we have received a number of questions from dive operators and professionals on what procedures should be followed in view of an imminent reopening of diving activities and Covid19.

The epidemiological and regulatory situation is constantly evolving. At present, there are no clear answers to all questions. However, as an organisation closely linked to the diving community and committed to promoting diving safety, we intended to share our knowledge and experience.

The document Covid19 Recommendations aims at providing useful indications on risk mitigation that diving operators will be able to adopt when National, Regional or local Authorities will officially allow the reopening of diving activities. It includes:

  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions about covid19
  • Template of Public Notice for Customers
  • Practical tips on protective masks and gloves

Download the document

The document might be subject to changes and updates. In this regard, we intend to listen to the community: dive operators, dive centres managers, and all those who want to contribute with their knowledge and insights.

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We’ll get through this emergency together.