What Is PADI?

Padi Diving Centre Cyprus PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the world’s largest recreational diving membership organization. The membership includes dive businesses, resort facilities, academic institutions, instructor trainers, dive educators, divers, snorkellers and other water sports enthusiasts. Professional PADI Members (dive centres, resorts, educational facilities, instructors, assistant instructors and divemasters) teach the vast majority of the world’s recreational divers, issuing nearly 800,000 certifications each year. PADI Professionals make underwater exploration and adventure accessible to the public while maintaining the highest industry standards for dive training, safety and customer service.

The PADI System of diver education is based on progressive training that introduces skills, safety related information and local environmental knowledge to students in stages. PADI courses are student-centred and provide for maximum practice and application. Students learn the basics through independent study and are guided through additional development by their instructors. The goal is to get students in the water as soon as possible and provides them with the instruction necessary to gain confidence in their diving abilities.

The PADI Instructor Development program sets the industry standard for instructor training. Through a comprehensive curriculum, dive leaders build upon their supervisory skills and learn to teach PADI courses. Each new Instructors has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the PADI System and the ability to conduct PADI programs by meeting specific evaluation criteria during a PADI Instructor Examination (IE). PADI Instructor Development programs may only be conducted by qualified PADI Course Directors. Padi Course Directors are experienced Master Instructors who have received training and gained experience in conducting instructor development programs. PADI Instructor Examinations are conducted by a select group of Instructor Examiners who are under contract. Having IE conducted only by authorized examiners ensures that the evaluation process is objective, fair and consistent.

All PADI programs, entry-level through instructor training, fall under strict educational standards to maintain worldwide consistency and quality. PADI takes a proactive approach to quality assurance, with a full-time department that randomly surveys PADI divers to monitor PADI programs and to confirm that they meet high standards. The commitment to a strong quality assurance process helps maintain credibility and continually improve customer satisfaction.

With thousands of members and millions of divers, PADI sponsored programs are becoming a growing force in the worldwide effort to preserve the underwater environment. Project AWARE (Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility and Education) encompasses PADI’s environmental awareness and protection philosophy. Through their training, PADI divers learn the importance of protecting fragile aquatic ecosystems and are encouraged to become involved in preservation efforts.

PADI – The way the world learns to dive

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Learning how to scuba dive or to go scuba diving is your ticket to the ultimate underwater adventure. The padi  scuba certification that you earn is internationally recognized, never expires, and allows you to rent or purchase your own diving equipment. You’ll soon discover, however, that there is no shortage of dive companies out there competing for your hard earned cash. It can be a daunting task trying to find one that has a proven track record of honesty, integrity, and reliability, while at the same time providing a positive certification experience for both you and your family.